A Kitbag of Blogs

these blogs cause me deep thoughts

I chose these according to an obscure criteria that includes:

advantage if not well-known
expressing ideas that incorporate feelings and emotions instead of just facts
recognition for containing useless fragments of thoughts
favorable treatment given for reasonable embellishment and exaggeration of the truth

le poisson nage
from le projet page
However, the English linguistic genius realized she would have to learn French as well as she knew English, which I don’t think I need to remind you, is extremely well.  This was a large challenge. This is all we know right now.  These pages will be updated as the future unfolds.  Read at your own risk.  You might fall in love with the narrator yourself.  Falling in love is discouraged.  Falling in a lava pit is also discouraged.

when do i get the manual
from the about me page
A wise man once said, “Generally speaking there are two kinds of learning; experience, which is learned from your own mistakes, and wisdom, which is learned from the mistakes of others.” My entire life seems to be about figuring things out one misstep at a time, so I’m sure my blog will soon be a metaphorical oyster, dispensing pearls of wisdom left, right and centre. Stay tuned!

my least favorite child today~a daily ranking of my children
from the about me page
I work in Reality TV and realize that having only two infants in one family does not give me an inkling of a chance at a TV Show based on my family life.  I’d need at least 19 kids for that and quite frankly, two might be two more than my wife and I can adequately handle. I hope you enjoy reading my therapy here on the blog.  My goal is to be amusing.  Hopefully from time to time I’ll hit that mark.

exile on pain street
from the home page
The true story of a man who escaped the suburban sprawls of cleveland to spend two decades in new york city. Many years of free living bliss surrounded by the vibrant, seedy and brokenhearted downtown scene where our boy finally meets a wonderful girl, gets married and is one day exiled to new jersey.

things aussies like
from the speaking aussie style page
Do people say “crikey” a lot Down Under? In my experience, not as much as I had assumed they would. Except for the few times that I’ve heard “fair dinkum” via the generation older than me, I also haven’t heard much of the typical slang “g’day” or “sheila.”



2 thoughts on “A Kitbag of Blogs

  1. Hi John… Jan rang me last night and made me aware of your blogs.Have read a few with interest and enjoyed a few laughs. I look forward to reading more and catching up on aspects of your life. Cheers


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