Why I am Blogging

john musing in chair

I retired January 2nd 2015.

I mused about what I could say at a retirement celebration: something thoughtful, sincere, meaningful, and thankful; something about retirement activities such as taking up spectator sports. But I had only thought as far as a dreamtime part time patient escort job, early morning walking at the mall, and watching afternoon television. I googled Retirement Speech for an inspirational retirement speech: but it all seemed somewhat impersonal, not heartfelt or well thought out. So I declined an employer organized retirement celebration.

It was midwinter, cold and getting dark at 5:00pm. Each day of my new retirement I drove to the mall ever morning at 9:00 to walk, ate lunch, and then watched People’s Court and Judge Judy.

Early January everything in my left eye started to get blurry. I was one of the 10% of the people who have swelling of the macula (?) and a blocked vessel that carries fluids to lubricate the eye, after cataract surgery. Laser surgery and eye drop medications. I also developed Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot.

I stopped watching the judges and walking early morning in the mall.

My dreamtime part time retirement job was to be a patient escort at one of the local hospitals. Susan had been back in intensive care late December because of the reoccurrence of a respiratory condition. The woman beside her in the room was leaking liquid from her stomach: the intensive care room was full of tubing carrying all types of liquids and gases. Onetime her room companion had to be escorted for an MRI or X-ray or some other specialized test. I saw her in the hallway, in the bed being escorted together with all the tubes. One of my interview questions for the patient escort job was “and tell me John how do you deal with stress?”

I no longer had any interest in pursuing my dreamtime part time retirement job as a patient escort at one of the local hospitals.

Thank heavens I had declined the offer of a retirement celebration because in a few short weeks all my retirement activities and plans had become visionary fantasies. Everything I would have shared with my work mates turned out to be just lofty starry eyed hyperbole.

I was shamed and muddled and my jumbled retirement would be: For the Term of His Natural Life.

My family tree shows me as having convict ancestry. I am descendent from a poacher sentenced by the English court to transportation to the Australian penal colony; that convict became a free settler and you could say helped define what would become the ANZAC spirit and the Australian culture.

I have the genes of Australian Royalty: I can overcome these challenges; I can rise above these difficulties; I am from Down Under. I will blog.

And winter became spring. Enjoy my thoughts in retirement.

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